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For our OEM+ Stage 3 upgrade your vehicle will require necessary supporting hardware in order to produce our quoted power figures.


Included in the Stage 3 kit are the replacement Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo, plus our Turbo Inlet Hose, Turbo 90 Inlet and Turbo Muffler Delete. In addition to these, there are also minimum requirements of hardware you will need for intake, exhaust and intercooler - which we do not include in our Stage 3 simply as many customers upgrading from Stage 2 will already own them. 

R600 Cold Air Intake - our R600 provides advanced air flow, improving performance figures as well as offering incredible filtration properties. For our Stage 3 upgrade the fitment of the R600 is needed in order to achieve the quoted power and torque figures. Note that some other 'big brand' intakes can't support our Stage 3 Kit without causing a reduction in power.

Due to the higher efficiency of combustion (and in turn increased flow of exhaust gasses) created from our Stage 3 tune it becomes a necessity to fit our high flow downpipe with Sports Catalyst. 

As part of our Stage 3 tune it is vital that intake temperatures are controlled and kept to a minimum so as to improve combustion efficiency. Our

replacement intercooler features a larger and improved core design to significantly lower intake temperatures boosting performance.

Our Stage 3 tune requires higher feeling demands in order to produce the

power figures quoted. You'll need a replacement high performance fuel pump that features a larger volume plunger which in turn can provide increased fuel volume to the injectors when needed. We recommend the Autotech pump.

The RacingLine Oil Management Kit is unique. Not only does it separate out the undesirable oil vapours to keep inlet and intercooler free from oil build up, it also protects the engine from oil starvation in high-G braking.


Our Stage three package will require our OEM+ Dynamic DSG calibration, which must be installed to accurately set the clamping pressure of your clutch pack, as well as fine tuning gear selection to ensure a smooth and refined drive both on and off track. 


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