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RacingLine has been developing high quality performance hardware parts for race and road cars for nearly two decades - firmly establishing ourselves as the hardware brand of choice for Volkswagen Group vehicles.  But we aren’t stopping there.


We have been working flat out over the past two years to develop our OEM+ Performance Software. We believe it to be simply the best ECU Software Upgrades and TCU DSG Transmission Software in the market, conceived from a very different approach. By bringing together a full suite of carefully developed software, all matched to work in perfect harmony with our ever-growing range of hardware, we truly believe that RacingLine Performance can offer customers the most complete range of upgrades for their VWG car.


It's by reprogramming the very basis of the controller itself that we

achieve the results we get - just as  the manufacturers themselves work.


No other brand can offer you such a comprehensive

'full-car' tuning solution. Our Performance Parts range is the most complete on the market, all matched perfectly to  the OEM+ software.


By starting from scratch for each calibration, OEM+ achieves a very different level of performance and drivability. It's never just about winding up the peak power.


Free upgrades on your car for as long as you own it. Start with OEM+ Stage 1, then we will give you Stage 2 and even Stage 3 Software for free!


We are uniquely positioned to tap into a vast knowledge base and resources network in our development. OEM+ software will never overstress the inherent hardware systems.


Should you ever want to return your car to standard, the OEM+ system has the facility to return your ECU to 'True Stock', the exact state it

was in prior to installation of OEM+ tuning.


Launched in 2017 into selected markets, our OEM+ software is available for an ever-growing catalogue of VWG models. We are now in the process of rolling OEM+ out to more and more dealers in countries around the world. Please ask your local RacingLine dealer, or get in touch with us directly.

OEM+ is offered in different ‘Stages’ with each stage giving increasing power outputs over the last. The simple format is that Stage 1 works on a completely standard car with no other modifications needed. Stage 2 then delivers higher power, and needs a high flow intake plus a high flow catalyst fitted. Then for those models on which we offer a Stage 3 option, that also requires our uprated turbocharger and other parts. Any required hardware parts that you’ll require are listed on our individual product pages.


It goes without saying that we recommend our RacingLine Performance Parts hardware to go with our OEM+ software! We have done all of our calibration development to get the most from our own hardware at each stage and ensure everything matches perfectly. However, it’s not an exclusive deal – as long as you have chosen quality rival products for your hardware choice, OEM+ will still delight you!



Our new Software Upgrade range is named OEM+.


This name reflects the investment that we’ve put in to developing our software in a new way – using OEM calibration techniques to deliver not only great power and beautiful torque increases, but also to uphold our responsibility to preserve the smoothest calibrations, within factory safety levels, whilst keeping economy good.


It's only by reprogramming the very basis of the controller itself that we can achieve the results we get - just as the manufacturers themselves work.

​MY OEM   


To find out about OEM+ tailored to you please contact your nearest dealer.