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Our OEM+ Stage 1 EA888.3B calibrations do not require any specific hardware in order to achieve our claimed power figures. 


But many of us want to go further with our modifications once we've started! We recommend that the following components are considered in addition to the OEM+ software upgrade to get the most out of your car:  

Our R600 Cold Air Intake for the EA888.3B provides advanced air flow, improving performance figures as well as offering incredible filtration properties. It's not essential for Stage 1 calibrations, but it will make a great addition for power and response.

Our high flow 90° Turbo inlet pipe helps to improve airflow from the intake to the turbo entry. Offering a faster and less disruptive channel for incoming airflow results in a higher efficiency of air delivery through the turbo, intercooler and finally on entry to the throttle body. 


Replace the disruptive factory turbo muffler delete with our smooth flowing replacement. Our precision engineered aluminium billet replacement completes your high-flow intake system. 


This smooth flowing reinforced 4-ply silicone turbo inlet pipe speeds the airflow through from intake to turbo for maximum power gains. Combined with R600 and other intake parts will get the most out of your Stage 1 calibration. 


Fitting our Performance Intercooler will keep your inlet air temperatures low, time and time again. The cooler the intake temps, the more power. Especially valuable in hot climates or on hard-driven cars.



With improved performance figures thanks to our Stage 1 conversion we also recommend a DSG calibration to accurately set the clamping pressure of your clutch pack, as well as fine tuning gear selection to ensure a smooth and refined drive both on and off track. Learn more about our DSG tune here.



An Uprated Clutch Kit (for vehicles with a manual transmission) may be required for hard-driven Stage 1 cars. With improved torque and bhp a higher level of stress will be placed on the standard clutch plate, an organic clutch kit offers a higher clamping pressure over the OE unit and benefits from organic friction material on the pressure plate making the unit far more durable.    

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