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How to clean your RacingLine Trifoam air filter

For RacingLine R600, all other intakes and panel filters

The filter element is right at the heart of your RacingLine Intake. It's a specialised, hand-made part developed for high performance and motorsport use. And, as with all the other specialist parts on your car, the filter element deserves to be well looked after and become a part of your regular maintenance schedule.


Unlike factory paper air filters, RacingLine’s range of Trifoam Filters are a serviceable part.

We recommend that the filter element is cleaned and reoiled every 10,000 miles/16,000 km, and/or a visual inspection at least every 6 months. This is a simple procedure, and will ensure that your filter continues to deliver its power improvements over a standard filter. If your car is regularly used in a dry/dusty environment, we advise that you clean and re-oil your filter more regularly.

Cleaning your filter will ensure it lasts and performs as it should. You should never use engine oil, cotton guaze filter oil or any other oil not specifically designed for foam air filters.

Remember, your air filter is of great importance in providing the engine with the cleanest and correct volume of air. They should therefore be fitted and maintained with the utmost care and attention. Please make sure you have read and understood the process below before starting on this.

Finally, before you start, if you are in any doubt, it is recommended that this work is carried out someone with the necessary expertise i.e. a trained vehicle technician.


The RacingLine Oil and Cleaner Kit is essential to help you keep your filter in peak condition at all times and ensure that the complex triple-layer foam continues to deliver its power and filtration benefits for many years.

It’s important that only this Oil and Cleaner Kit are used, as they've been specially formulated to work with our foam air filter material.

Available from all RacingLine Dealers.:

PART NO: VWR12 0000




Under no circumstances use a highly alkaline cleaner above PH-8, such as powder based cleaners or a clothes detergent to clean the foam filter. Using a highly alkaline cleaner will breakdown the foam structure and destroy the effectiveness of the filter. If in doubt of what is safe to use, contact RacingLine or your local dealer for advice.

Step 1: Removing the oil

The RacingLine Foam Air Filter Cleaner has been developed to maintain our air filter elements and provide an accurate, even spread with the pump action spray system. The cleaning fluid removes old oil, grime and other residue from the filter prior to re-oiling. It's designed to be used in a two-part cleaning process where the cleaner breaks down the sticky dust retention oil on the filter which is then washed off using warm water. As the fluid is water soluble it ensures that any over application can be removed providing an easier process.

Spray the cleaner liberally onto the filter and thoroughly massage in. You need to ensure the cleaner has worked its way through all the layers in the foam and it may be necessary to apply extra cleaner until you are satisfied the cleaning fluid has fully penetrated the foam. To help the cleaner to break down the oil, it is advisable to leave the filter for 2-3 minutes and then further massage the cleaner into the foam.

The next step is to wash the filter out in warm water. Thoroughly wash the filter until you are totally sure that all the cleaning fluid has been removed and the water running through the filter looks clear. It is also advisable to run water through from the clean side outwards to further help the removal of any dust still held within the filter. This stage of the process should take no more than 4–5 minutes. Note - leaving the filter submerged in water for a prolonged period of time may cause the glues in the filter to soften and eventually break down.

Next follow the same process again using washing up liquid, this will help to break down any remaining cleaner still left in the filter. Apply a small amount of washing up liquid onto the filter and massage into the foam working it all the way through. Rinse the filter in cold water until none of the soap suds remain and the water runs clear; finally, shake the filter to remove excess water.

Now the filter is clean you will need to leave it in a warm, dry place until is fully dried out for a minimum period of 24 hours. Do not use a high pressure air line or heat gun to speed the process up.

You are now ready to move to Step 2 of the process - drying the filter.


Step 2: Drying the filter

After the filter has been cleaned, leave it to dry in a warm, dry place until fully dry. Don’t try to speed this up with an air gun or heat gun as you will likely damage the foam.

Once fully dry, you're ready to move to step 3 of the process - reoiling the filter. DO NOT use the unoiled filter until after Step 3 is complete.


Step 3: Re-oiling the filter

Using RacingLine Foam Air Filter Oil only (part number VWR12 0000)

Once you have completed Step 1 - cleaning your filter and Stage 2 - ensuring it is completely dry, you are ready to perform the important stage of reoiling it.

The RacingLine aerosol oil spray is very important. It allows dust and particles to be retained within the foam media, reducing possible impact of particles entering the intake system in the long term. The oil simply coats the foam filter, with a viscosity that's been developed to ensure the oil stays where it is required, on the filter and not be drawn into the intake system.

Firstly, please read instructions and safety warnings on the product before use. Use in a well ventilated environment.

Holding the aerosol about 25mm or 1 inch from the filter, spray in a circular motion all over the foam surface until the coarse foam pores just start to fill up with oil. Then wearing protective gloves use your finger tips to ‘massage’ the oil into the depth of the foam whilst it still feels cold to the touch.

The aerosol contains a mix of oil concentrate and thinners which assist the oil to penetrate deep into the foam. The thinners will evaporate off after around 5-10 minutes, so massage the oil into the foam as soon as it is applied to assist the oil in penetrating through to the fine inner layer of foam.

Once the oil is applied leave the filter to air for at least 30 minutes.

Your filter is now ready to re-install. If you think you have over oiled your filter, no problem, you can dab the surface of the foam with a strong absorbent paper tissue, which will remove most of the excess oil.

Re-installation should follow the RacingLine fitting instructions.



Under no circumstances use cotton gauze filter oil or any other oil not specifically manufactured for foam air filters because oil will not stick to the foam and thus may allow dust through the filter with the risk of causing damage to the engine and/or MAF sensor.


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