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Our OEM+ Stage 1 calibrations do not require any hardware in order to achieve our claimed power figures. 


But many of us want to go further with our modifications once we've started! Remember that OEM+ offers free upgrades, so why not start building your car towards Stage 2 hardware. In that case, we recommend that the following components are considered in addition to the OEM+ software upgrade:  

RacingLine's range of TriFoam Cold Air Intakes provide the highest air flows of any on the market, improving performance figures as well as offering incredible filtration properties. It makes a great improvement to a Stage 1 calibration and is essential for Stage 2.



Using the exact same TriFoam filter material as our Cold Air Intake kits, our drop in replacement panel filters make a great compliment to a Stage 1 remap. A simple upgrade to aid airflow for efficient gains across the rev range.

Keeping air inlet temperatures low, time and time again. Lower intake temps mean higher power. Especially valuable on Stage 1 vehicles in hot climates or for hard-driven cars. Essential for Stage 2 power levels.



With improved performance figures thanks to our Stage 1 conversion we also recommend a DSG calibration to accurately set the clamping pressure of your clutch pack, as well as fine tuning gear selection to ensure a smooth and refined drive both on and off track. Learn more about our DSG tune here.


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