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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to RacingLine OEM+’s brand new flashing tool. We're very proud to introduce this new Server System, having invested a great deal into its development. It gives us a more stable platform with faster, more reliable flashing, lots of great added functionality plus a strong basis for future developments.


Below is a new quick start guide to get you ready to flash using our new flashing tool. Your first job is to download the new Flash Client Software via the link below.


Once that's done, you're ready to get started. We’ve designed the user-interface to be extremely intuitive, and to guide you through every step of the process. 

DSC_1778 copy.jpg



Before you can start, you will first need to download the new Client Software onto your computer via the link below. 

Please note, this will also delete the old RacingLine OEM+ Server software.


DSC_2127 copy_edited_edited.jpg



Any problems? This is the link to our Ticket System (unchanged from before). 



Quick Start Guide

Once you've downloaded the new Client Software (Step 1 above), you're ready to start.

Our new system will guide you easily through the setup and flashing process; the Quickstart guide below will help to take you through the process for your first time.

Or if you'd prefer to download this guide as a PDF, click here:

Login Screen.png

Step 1.

Before you can flash any cars, you will need to register your account with the new flashing tool.


Your previous username and email will be stored, but you will need to enter a new password.

Step 2.

Please click register to receive your confirmation email.

Register .png
Register Email.png

Step 3.

Your email will look like this. 


When clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter a new password. This can be the same as your previous password, but we would recommend changing this for security. 


If you don’t receive it, be sure to check junk/spam folders.

Step 4.

Once this password is completed, you can log in to the new flashing tool. You will be greeted with a homepage like this.


Step 5.

Press the yellow ‘Click Here to Begin’ to start flashing. You will then be prompted with the connection window, explaining how to connect to the car and to turn on the cars ignition. 

Step 6.

If this is your first time using the new flashing tool, then you will need to have your Flash Cable updated to the latest firmware. The new flashing tool will take care of this for you but will prompt to tell you this tool will not be compatible with the old flashing tool. 

Cable Update.png

Step 7.

To proceed to upload the new Flash Cable firmware, please press ‘Yes’. 


The Flash Cable upload will now proceed automatically.

Step 8.

Once updated, the new flashing tool with identify the ECU and TCU of the vehicle. Please select which controller you would like to tune. 

Controller Selection.png
Product Selection.png

Step 9.

Next is the Product Selection. Here is where you can select your stage of tuning for the vehicle. Once selected, the tool will take you to the specification page. 

Step 10.

This screen now has some useful new features: check see what hardware is required for the calibration, what the expected power figures are, see dyno graphs and any other extended features offered on that specific calibration.

Spec 1.png
Calibration Selection.png

Step 11.

Once you have pressed continue in the specification page, you can now choose from stock, or the tuning stage previously selected. All stages of tuned calibrations will be accompanied by this stock calibration - all of these put the car back to stock. 

Step 12.

When selected, you will be prompted to fill out the customer information form. It is very important that the customer’s actualinformation is used and not blanket information like the dealer address or email. Keeping this information is imperative should there be updates or changes in the future. 

Customer information.png

Step 13.

Next, press ‘Commit and Flash’ to install the selected calibration. The flashing tool will now flash the car. In some instances, you may need to key cycle mid-flash. This is perfectly normal, and the flashing tool will prompt you to do so. 

Step 14.

At the end of a flash, you will be asked to key cycle. Please follow the instructions on screen when asked. Once this has been completed the car is has been flashed and is ready for a test drive. 

Screenshot 2022-09-02 135355.png

Step 15.

Should you have any issues with any steps of this flashing routine, please contact your local importer or technical support. 

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