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SEMA Show 2022 | GLI Performance Concept 
Jetta GLI Reimagined by Volkswagen Design Center California
Powered by RacingLine


Check out Volkswagen’s 2022 SEMA show car: the GLI Performance Concept. It features the full suite of RacingLine Software and Hardware upgrades under the new motorsport-inspired bodywork to transform the GLI into a track-ready sportscar.

Base vehicle

2022 Jetta GLI 

Project contributors

RacingLine                                                 Rotiform Wheels

Recaro Automotive

Exterior highlights

Custom front and rear bumpers with updated grille inserts. Twin exit exhaust. Custom widened (20MM) front and rear fenders featuring backside vents. Custom side skirts.   

Custom hexagon themed mat black to red transition graphics


Suspension & Brakes x RacingLine

RacingLine TrackSport Coilover Suspension 

RacingLine Adjustable Front & Rear Droplinks plus Camber & Toe Arms

RacingLine Stage 3+ 6 piston Brake Kit with front 380mm Carbon Ceramic Rotors. 

Uprated  RacingLine braided brake lines & brake fluid.


Wheels & Tires

Forged “GRZ” Monoblock, 20”x9.5” wheels with custom finished AERODISC covers

255/30R20 Performance road & track tires

RacingLine Wheel Stud & Nut conversion

H&R TRAK+® wheel spacers

Interior highlights

Recaro®  Pole Position ABE seats refinished in custom ‘Texagon’ themed design


Performance x RacingLine

IS38 EA888 gen.3 engine upgrade kit

RacingLine Power 350HP / 372 ft lbs torque¹

RacingLine R600 Carbon Fiber Cold-Air Intake with Inlet Hose and Turbo Elbow

RacingLine Performance Intercooler 

RacingLine Subframe and Underbody Body Brace. 

Uprated  RacingLine Lower Engine Mount

RacingLine Oil Cooler & Oil Management System 


Accessories x RacingLine

RacingLine Billet fluid reservoir covers 

RacingLine gearshift lever


Established in 1984, the Jetta GLI model was lovingly called a GTI with a trunk many times through its 7 generations as it frequently shared much of its exterior design and performance hardware from the GTI.

Volkswagen’s Design Center California took features from the GLI model’s rich history and amplified those for Jetta GLI Performance Concept through a complete re-do of the concept’s exterior.

RacingLine Hardware and Software was chosen for the project, a clear choice with RacingLine being globally renowned for their Volkswagen Motorsport roots and full catalog of performance components. Our technical team specified a full suite of performance-focused upgrades to ensure the concept’s engine, braking and handling performance were equal to the concept’s new motorsport inspired wide body.

Starting with Volkswagen’s EA888 Gen 3 engine, RacingLine has added their IS38 turbo based performance package. To remove the induction restrictions of the stock engine, RacingLine installed their R600 Carbon Fiber Cold-Air Intake along with their Inlet Hose, Turbo Elbow and Turbo Muffler Delete. Meanwhile to keep colder air flowing their Performance Intercooler is fitted.


RacingLine’s OEM+ Software calibration has been programmed into the GLI ECU to suit the larger IS38 turbo, lifting power up to 350 HP / 372 ft lbs whilst maintaining the factory catalyst to ensure emissions compliance.

For better thermal management of the motor oil, they have also specified their front-mounted Oil Cooler together with Oil Management System to protect the engine from the risk of oil-starve when used hard on track. Power is driven to the front wheels via the front wheels via the factory 6-Speed transmission with an upgraded performance clutch package.

To help slow and bring the Jetta GLI Performance to a stop during regular track usage, RacingLine has bolted up its Stage 3+ 6-piston forged caliper big brake kit (BBK) with 380mm Carbon Ceramic Rotors. 


Making sure that the additional forward momentum and braking power is well controlled at every spirited track day, RacingLine installed its TrackSport Coilover suspension kit, engineered directly from their extensive race experience. TrackSport brings together all of the features more typically found on their racecars: using a coilover rear spring/damper, a ‘thick stem’ inverted front damper, lightweight aluminum bodies, 60mm linear springs with helper springs, plus fully adjustable solid top mounts this is truly a race suspension at home at the track or on the road.


Finally to help increase body rigidity, reduce sub-frame deflection under hard cornering loads as well as maintain accurate suspension geometry, RacingLine’s suite of underbody braces was added.

The GLI performance concept based on a 2022 6-Speed Jetta GLI features 20MM wider fenders front and rear featuring backside vents. The motorsport fenders are tied together with larger side skirts.  The concept features a custom front bumper with larger grilles. The custom rear bumpers are feature updated grille inserts and a more muscular lower valance that frames twin exit sport muffler.


Putting that stop and go power to the tarmac are a set of Rotiform® Forged “GRZ” Monoblock 20”x9.5” wheels with custom finished AERODISC covers. The wheels wrapped with road and track summer performance tires that both complete the race inspired design theme and help increase grip to match the concept’s new found power.  

Making wheel and tire swaps quicker and easier, the Rotiform® “GRZ” wheels are bolted up with RacingLine’s wheel stud and nut conversion kit.

Making sure that the driver and front passenger are properly held in place and comfortable for however spirited or long the track session is, are a pair of classic Recaro® Pole Position ABE seats have been installed and feature integrated headrests, high bolsters finished in custom ‘Texagon’ themed upholstery. Our new billet shift knob finishes the interior alongside the Recaros.

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