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So what makes our OEM+ software any better than our competitors?

Well aside from incredible amount of work and testing we go through to create the perfect map for your car, we 

have also listened to our customers feedback and created what we believe is the ultimate software delivery package.

Imagine if you could:

       Remap your car anytime anywhere without needing to visit your local dealer.

       Put your cars ECU back to stock within seconds at any point.

       Operate multiple maps for fuel types or environments.

       Upgrade to Stage1, 2 or 3 the second your hardware landed.

       Map your friends or colleagues car.

With OEM+ you can do all of these things. We believe that our customers should have the ability and flexibility to control their ECU. Eliminating the need to travel to your local dealer for a remap saves you time and expense but it also opens up so many more mapping options, all of which are accessible at the touch of a button or a brief phone call to your dealer. 

So how does it work and how can you purchase the new "Plus stick"?

We appreciate that not all our customers may require the need for our new Plus Stick so we will always offer our customer network the ability to visit their local dealer for a remap as we always have. However for those of you who feel you could benefit from taking control of your ECU and having the ability to alter your own maps the solution is simple, just purchase our Plus Stick as you would any hardware product via your local dealer.


Once you have obtained the Plus Stick you simply purchase the maps you require by calling your local dealer over the phone. You will be given a unique access code which will allow you to download your chosen map online which in turn will be uploaded to the Plus stick via a cable plugged into your laptop. From here you simply upload the map to your car via the OBD port. Our servers will ensure that the new software is instantly recognised and the map will be uploaded to your ECU within minutes, the same process takes place to put the ECU back to stock. In essence you are simply doing the job of your local dealer but the big advantage is that this can be done to suit you as well as allowing you to purchase and control multiple maps.